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What is MIM technology ?

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a metal parts processing technology that uses metal powder mixed with binder materials as raw materials, and then injects the mixture into precision molds to form complex metal parts. MIM technology is an innovative process that combines the versatility of plastic injection molding with the durability of metal materials. MIM technology is particularly suitable for manufacturing parts that require tight dimensional tolerances and surface finish.

MIM technology process flow

There are many steps in MIM process technology, the main steps are:

1. Mixing

Evenly mix the fine metal powder with the binder to make it an injectable raw material with good flow properties


Using an advanced MIM injection machine, the mixed raw materials are injected into the mold cavity with the shape of the part by applying pressure to form a blank (green embryo). The process steps are similar to plastic injection molding


The binder is removed from the green body through chemical solvent dissolution, thermal decomposition, etc.


The blank is heated in a specific atmosphere, usually kept at a temperature lower than the melting point of the basic components, so that the strength and density of the sintered body are increased, and it becomes a product with good physical and mechanical properties


Finally, follow-up processing is performed according to product needs, such as heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.

Features and advantages of MIM products

Able to realize product features of small size, complex shape, and high precision at the same time

Powder metallurgy products have greater flexibility in material use and alloy selection. They can use either single materials or mixed materials.

The product manufacturing efficiency is high, and the product blank can be obtained in one molding, usually without the need for additional mechanical processing.

More environmentally friendly and energy-saving. MIM processing has almost no loss of metal materials, which is very important for some precious metals, and the energy consumption during processing is lower. Therefore, MIM processing is suitable for scenarios that require mass production, complex structures, small sizes, and high-value raw materials. Unparalleled advantages.

YIBI’s expertise in MIM technology

A wide range of customer case industries. Due to years of customer accumulation, we have a large number of industry case applications and solution examples, and have the ability to provide customers with optimal solutions and accurate quotations.

Well-established team and well-equipped equipment. Our total team members exceed 260, the total number exceeds 230 production and testing equipment, the total working area exceeds 8000㎡, and has a complete production line.

We have one-stop service capabilities and become your growth companionship. We have full-process solution capabilities from product R&D and design - mold opening - samples - production - assembly - shipping, and assist your creative ideas from generation to implementation, and provide necessary suggestions and optimization solutions, as well as after full mass production To achieve efficiency improvement.

More than 15 years of experience in MIM product processing. The company was founded in 2009. It initially focused on jewelry processing business and gradually expanded to CNC processing, precision casting, stamping molding, powder metallurgy, sheet metal processing and other processing types.

Typical products and application industries of MIM technology


MIM is widely used in the automotive industry, including cylinders, cylinder heads, valves, valve plates, crankshafts, connecting rods, and piston rods. Automotive wiper parts mainly include cranks, connecting rods, swing rods, brackets, wiper racks, bearings, etc. , Powder metallurgy processing uses molds for mass production, and the products are consistently formed without cutting. Other metal elements can be added to the raw materials to improve the performance of the parts, and the dimensional accuracy of the parts is higher, saving cost and time. It is an ideal automobile An integral part of the industry

medical instruments

When it comes to machining complex medical device components as well as precision parts for dental equipment, choosing metal injection molding (MIM) can reduce costs, reduce material waste, and provide the ability to produce parts that are not feasible using other manufacturing methods.

Communication equipment

MIM technology can manufacture metal connectors, electromagnetic shields, terminals, sockets, conductive parts, etc. in electronic products. These parts often require very high precision and reliability, and MIM’s highly automated production process can meet these needs.

Lock parts

There are three most critical MIM door lock parts in the door lock system, and their relative positions determine the opening and closing of the door. In order to give full play to the anti-theft function of the door lock, these functional parts are made of high-strength alloy steel materials. In order to meet the requirements, our company specially uses high-strength low-alloy steel materials. Its hardness can reach 50HRC, and easy to surface finishing.

Luggage and accessories

MIM processing is suitable for the production of various bracelets, bracelets, cutoffs, metal necklaces, exquisite ceramic pendants, various buckles, luggage buckles, magnetic buckles, etc. They are hard in texture and have perfect surface treatment.

Household appliances

The components and assemblies of home appliances will be completed using powder metallurgy processing (MIM), which can manufacture simple or complex structural parts, typically such as internal components of air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc.

Consumer electronics

MIM parts are widely used in electronic products, smart wearable devices, metal parts for glasses, game controller casings, mobile phone camera modules, SIM card holders, laptop hinges, etc.

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